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/ May 2, 2018

Needing more than motherhood

I’m a mother to four young children, but that’s only a small part of who I am.

Before having kids, in my early twenties, I worked in Advertising.  It was high-paced and exciting. You would have thought it would be the perfect career for a 20-something-girl who had little, to no, responsibilities.  But after only a few short years, instead of enjoying those carefree days, I found myself in my tiny cubicle daydreaming about a totally different world.

Instead of becoming a powerful woman in the Advertising world, what I really wanted, was to become a mom.  And not just any mom, a mom who stayed at home, played on the floor with her kids, and baked cookies all day long (the irony here is not lost on me).

A few short years later, I did just that. I got married, left my career, started having babies, stayed at home, and made cookies.  Lots and lots of cookies.

In fact, that was the story of my life for many years.  And while in many ways motherhood was everything I had envisioned as I daydreamed in my tiny cubicle only years before, it never quite completed me in the way that I had hoped it would.  In fact, I think in some ways, it did just the opposite.  It left a part of me longing for something more.

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