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Hi there

I’m Katy Rexing

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Above all, I’m a student. Of life, myself, & the world we’re living in. Constantly yearning and pushing myself to learn and grow. Knowing who I am today won’t be anything like I was yesterday, or who I’ll be tomorrow. Nor will the world around me.

For a long time, I viewed my identity very differently. I saw myself as the roles I played, the jobs I did, or my relationships to others (mother, wife, chef, yogi, blogger, sister, friend). Never seeing just ME, exactly as I am in any given moment, as completely WHOLE. Rather viewing my worthiness and who I was, based on what I achieved, what I accomplished in a day, and if I earned the approval of others.

I spent almost 40 years striving to find contentment, peace and joy – looking in all the wrong places. Assuming if only my kids were a little older, my house a little cleaner, me a little skinner, my business a little bigger – then I’d be enough. Then I’d be worthy. Then I’d be happy.

I spent a lifetime trying to fix and control all the things on the outside, for something I didn’t understand was missing on the inside. After almost 40 years of perfecting perfection, and achieving ALL the things that should have brought me joy, I was left empty, exhausted, and aching for something different.

I knew I had to make a change.

Slowly, I was reintroduced to meditation and mindfulness. I began to make little changes in my mindset and in my actions. I began to say “no” to things that didn’t feel good and “yes” to those that did. I began to not only make time for myself but more importantly connect with myself in a deeper way. I learned WHO I truly was, and the tools and practices that made me feel well and good.

Years later, these small little changes have snowballed into a whole new way of life. One where I wake up with energy. Where I feel clear about my purpose. Where I KNOW who I am, LOVE who I am, and how to NURTURE the woman I am.

My hope is that this community and these tools here can help you do the same. Because I believe we are ALL deserving of a life where we feel well and good, exactly as we are.

– Katy is a wife, mother, professionally trained chef and 200hr RYT. She lives with her husband and four children in Southern California.

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