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Elevated Living

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Elevating your vibration.  Your awareness.  Your life.

That’s what Elevated Living is at its core

A call to expand, grow, & elevate our lives by simply becoming more aware.  Of our daily actions, our mindsets, and our energy.

We all want and deserve a life with ease and joy.  One where we feel well and good, physically and mentally.  And yet, most of us aren’t.  

Instead, we’re running around tired, overwhelmed, and unwell.  Looking everywhere outside of us for the answers or quick fix.  Not knowing that what we’re searching for is already within.  

Elevated living is not about becoming someone different, or better, but instead allowing ourselves to simply BE who we have always been called to be. 

In hopes that by elevating our mindsets, and our lives, we liberate those around us to do the same.

Elevated Living is a 5-week community dedicated to radical self-love to help us expand and grow.  Reminding us how to listen to our hearts and learn how to love and care for ourselves.  So that we can live in alignment with our highest self through our choices, our mindset, and our energy.

These are the tools and practices I incorporate every day.  Taking my practice off of my mat, and into my day-to-day life.  And I’m inviting you to join me.

Each week we’ll cover different ways live in alignment with our mind, body, and soul.  Using mindfulness and meditation as our foundation, we’ll work together to create new habits, tools, and mindset shifts that we can apply in our everyday life to truly ELEVATE our living.  

Here’s some of what we’ll uncover each week

Week 1 – YOUR MIND.  Rediscovering the Seat of the Soul.  Reconnecting with our authentic selves once again and taking a deep dive into where we’re at, and where we’re going.  (This week we’ll also set the foundation for the course including practical tools you can begin implementing immediately.) 

Week 2 – YOUR MIND.  We’ll begin to work with our foundation of mindfulness and meditation and how to apply it to our ever day lives.

Week 3 – YOUR BODY Beginning to dive into the physical expression of ourselves, our bodies. Exploring our relationship with our every changing bodies, our self image and internal voice.

Week 4 – YOUR BODY.  Examining how we care for our bodies and our day-to-day habits when it comes to sleep, alcohol, and mindful eating (just to name a few).

Week 5 – AND SOUL.  How we connect to the greater world around us.  Feeling a greater sense of purpose.  Finding our callings and learning how to manifest and ask for what we truly desire.  

What you can expect in Elevated Living

  • 5 live Community Calls 
  • Weekly live meditations
  • A 40-page e-book filled with over 30 everyday recipes, meditations and tools to nourish your body and soul
  • A library of meditations (both video and audio) to use at your own convenience 
  • A library of yoga/pilates classes with varying lengths/themes suitable for all levels
  • A private interactive community to help keep you connected, create a sense of community and hold each other accountable
  • A private Instagram Community

We begin Sunday 2/19 and are taking a limited number of women.  

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Elevated Living begins February 19th.