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The FOUNDATION for any wellness practice, and the foundation for any intentional life, is mindfulness. Creating mindful, intentional moments in your life whenever and however you can. Which is the core of the Katy Rexing Wellness Community.

Helping you to create one mindful moment after another. With a belief that each of those moments snowballs to create larger, more meaningful impacts in your life. The KRW Membership is a community of women who are on a similar journey of growth and self discovery to live a life with ease, energy, and JOY.

In The Membership, we cover everything from our mental well-being to our physical well-being. Including meditation, movement, nutrition, and self care. Knowing that by mindfully and intentionally taking care of our MINDS and BODIES we can move through our days with more ease, more energy, and more JOY.

As part of The Membership, you’ll receive…

  • One live community call a month via zoom. These calls will be a chance for us to gather as a community, check-in with each other, and discuss ways to move more mindfully and intentionally through our days with our thoughts and our actions.
  • Two live guided meditations a month via zoom. These dates/times will change each month depending on the group – zoom links and dates will be sent out at the beginning of each month. We will have a minimum of two live meditations a month, with more being spontaneously added as needed.
  • A private library of audio and video meditations – updated each month
  • A private library of mindful movement classes to practice in the comfort of your own home. Varying in length and theme.
  • Access to the Katy Rexing Wellness Instagram Community with a library of meditations
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The doors of the membership are open at any time. If you’re ready
to get started, so are we. I can’t wait to watch the transformation
that is about to unfold for you.