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/ September 30, 2022

My current supplement routine

I’ve shied away from sharing my current supplement routine for a while. For a lot of reasons.

One, I never like sharing generalized advice when it comes to what our bodies need. Each of our bodies are so unique and requires different things. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to our health. And two, I’m not a nutritionist or health care practitioner. I have no qualified “expertise” in this area – other than simply sharing my personal experiences.

However, my supplement routine is something I get asked about A LOT on here, so I wanted to share my personal experience with supplements and what I’ve found to be helpful

My hope is not that you take this formula item by item, but rather use it as an opportunity to get curious about what your own body needs. One of the biggest things I’ve learned this year is that I know more than anyone else about my body. The power to heal my body is within ME. No one else. So while I ask for a lot of advice from health care practitioners, I also listen to my own body and TRUST that I know what’s best for me. And I hope you do the same.

So with that being said, let’s jump into my supplement routine.

This past winter I wasn’t feeling my best. A combo of covid over the holidays and a dark and dreary midwest winter made for the perfect combination of blah. While I utilized the tools I always have; meditation, eating well, moving my body, and getting good quality restorative sleep – I still felt “off”.

In January I made the decision to go see my general practitioner for some blood work to see if I couldn’t get some answers.

I had hesitated at first because to be honest, I wasn’t sure where to start, what to ask for, or what to say was even “wrong”. I felt almost silly. I had no real major issues, just an underlying current of feeling “yuck”

If you are feeling at all “unsure” as to what’s going on with you, I would highly recommend starting here. With a general blood panel. Most general practitioners will do this, it’s covered by insurance and is the best starting point. (If you need a little guidance on what to ask for or how to read your results, etc, I would highly recommend the book, State Change, by Robin Berzin. It’s a great reference for understanding blood work and other tests so that you can walk into your doctor’s office feeling a little educated.)But I knew I could feel “better” and I was hoping getting this bloodwork done would give me some answers and it definitely did. 

Receiving the results was really empowering.  I learned where my primary deficiencies were and then had a plan on what specific supplements to take to help target my concerns. While I’m not going to go into depth about all of what I’m taking (since it’s specific for me), I will share the handful of supplements I’m really committed to, that I do think could help a majority of us reading this. No matter how well we eat, or how “healthy” we think we are, most (and I use that term loosely) are lacking some really important nutrients.  

Remember, this is in no way meant to be medical advice.  Only you know what’s best for you.  If you’re unsure, consult your doctor and maybe consider getting some blood work done of your own so you truly know what your body needs.  

In an effort to help those of you who are curious about adding/changing your supplement regimen.  Here’s my current supplement routine.  (I will also add that I have no financial affiliation with any of these brands or products.  This is just literally what I take in hopes to help some of you on your own journey.)  

A good pre/probiotic

    • There are so many great probiotics out there, and lots of not-so-great ones too.  When it comes to probiotics quality matters.  I tend to lean towards a soil-based organism (SBO) probiotic and really love the one from Solluna.  I also take the Solluna digestive enzymes when I have a heavy meal.  I started taking both of these right before our move to California and I stayed very regular without any constipation or bloat – which is saying a lot considering the change in my diet/sleep/stress.  
    • When it comes to probiotics though I will also add that I think it’s important to switch it up every so often.  Variety is good for the gut.  I also really liked Cymbiotikas probiotics.  I took Seed for a while and didn’t feel like it helped me.  


Targeted Vitamins –  D3 and a B complex

    • One of the big things I changed this January was to stop taking a general multivitamin and instead get specific with which vitamins I needed.  This way I can take more/less of which specific vitamin I’m low on.  The two vitamins that I’m specifically targeting are D3 (I take this D3 with K2+CoQ10 from Cymbiotika) and a good B complex (I take this B12+B6 also from Cymbiotika).  Both are in a liposomal form which means they are easier assimilated into your body.  

A good high quality fish oil

Mood and Cortisol balancers

    • Ashwagandhathis is the specific Ashwagandha I take daily.  
    • Adrenal Super Tonic – I really love this Adrenal Super Tonic from Cymbiotika.  It’s a blend of herbs that help balance mood, adrenal glands, and cortisol. It can help with stress, anxiety, sleep, and muscle aches.  
    • Dan Zhi Xiao Yao San – this is a Chinese herbal blend I got from my acupuncturist here in Manhattan Beach.  It’s new to me. I’ve been taking it for a little over two months.  I take a full dropper of it each afternoon. It immediately helps just calm my 

I.O.N Gut support

    • I’ve been taking this ION gut support for a few months now, to help with some leaky gut issues I had in the past.  You take a small teaspoon a few times a day – but it’s always the first thing I take on an empty stomach in the am.  Gut Support is a liquid, gut-brain health supplement that goes beyond probiotics, helping to support tight junction integrity (aka, repairs/seals gut lining) and diversifies your microbiome the natural way.  Its active ingredient, humic extract (from ancient soil), is naturally rich in a variety of trace minerals and amino acids. 

I hope you found some of this helpful, and if nothing else got you curious about stepping back and reevaluating your own supplement routine.  There are SOOO many products out there now claiming incredible things.  It can feel overwhelming with where to start.  So if you’re not sure if what you’re taking is helping – you’re not alone.  Bloodwork helps eliminate a lot of the guesswork, and then how your body FEELS will tell you a lot too.  Remember, only YOU know what your body needs.  So start small, give it time, and don’t be afraid to ask questions and be curiousYou’ve only got one beautiful vessel to carry you this life – so be good to it.  Take the extra time/energy to support these delicate amazing systems.  You’re worth it.  

For other ways to support your body mentally and physically be sure to read the recent blog post on My Mental Health Toolbox.



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