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/ February 12, 2024

Thinking about going on a yoga retreat

I just got home from nine days away at a yoga retreat in Panama (at Sansara Yoga & Surf Resort). It was incredible. We practiced yoga twice a day, surfed, swam in the ocean, ate amazing food, and most importantly connected with other women who are living their lives with intention.

I’ve been fortunate enough to attend a few retreats over the years, and each time I go, I come home more refreshed, energized more connected to myself than I’ve ever been.

Getting time away, especially from women (and mothers) is so important and not something we prioritize enough. I know firsthand after speaking with many of you that you’ve been thinking about going on a yoga retreat.

I used to think spending time, energy, and money on trips like this was selfish. It felt indulgent. Unnecessary.

And maybe for some of you reading this now, you may feel the same. But I’ve seen firsthand how experiences like this; getting out of your world and away from your roles & responsibilities opens you up. It changes you.

So for those of you thinking about going on a yoga retreat, and making this investment in yourself, I thought it would be helpful to share my experience and a little advice

Advice if you’re thinking about going on a yoga retreat

Just go

First and foremost, my biggest piece of advice would be to “just go”. Say yes. Take a chance. Put yourself out there. In new places, new situations and new communities.

We can get so “stuck” in our worlds. Getting out of our comfort zone is so good for us and something we don’t get day in and day out. When we get too comfortable in our worlds (whether it’s with the same people we always surround ourselves with, the same job, the same environment) we don’t grow.

And while there was definitely a piece of me that was nervous for each trip, I also knew that those nerves were healthy. They were good for me. It meant I was doing something new and that no matter how the week went, I would come home a new version of myself.

It’s ok to go alone

One of the biggest hurdles I hear from women who want to experience things like this is that they don’t have anyone to do it with. Which can feel really intimidating.

But for many of us, we don’t have people in our day to day lives who are in the same exact spot we are in our persona growth. Which means we often have to do these things alone.

The first retreat I ever went on I only knew one person. And on the second retreat, I didn’t know a soul. Both were internaltional travel and I was gone for over a week. I remember feeling a little scared about beging totally alone internaltionally. But I have to tel you, it was the greatest gift.

So much of the work you do on these types of weeks/weekends away requires a lot of personal reflection. Having time alone with just you and your thoughts is actually part of what is needed to make these transformations happen.

And while I 100% ended up meeting incredible women along the way (who are now dear friends), I’m so glad I had space of my own.

Let go of any expectations

A few things that you can guarantee that will happen on these types of weeks away; you’ll do some type of physical practice, you’ll eat great food, have time for reflection/contemplation, and hopefully get amazing sleep.

The rest is all up to you and there’s really no way to know what’s going to happen. But either way, you will get whatever it is that you need. I find that by simply taking the first step, putting yourself out there, the universe does the rest and ends up creating the perfect situation you need in order for you to be able to “work” on whatever it is you truly need.

Be open

To new people. New practices. New foods and experiences.

To a new version of you.

Let go of any preconceived notion of who you’re supposed to be on your retreat and just go and be. It’s amazing how much we can transform within us if we set down any opinions/judgments about ourselves or others and just simply stay open to what is.

Let yourself have fun with it

Self grown and personal development is “work”. For sure there is some awareness and mindfuless that has to take place. But it doesn’t mean it always has to be serious.

Retreats are an amazing environment for PLAY. Something we don’t get enough of. To be silly. To let your guard down. To allow your inner child to come out and have some fun.

What you can expect

As far as what you can expect on a yoga retreat, they’re all so different that it’s hard to say. But for the most part, you’re going to find some really incredible people who you most likely will have more in common with than you’d expect.

You can expect great food. Warm and welcoming environments. Mental and physical experiences that will challenge and push you. And most importantly space and time for YOU.

As a mom to four young kids, whose life seems to always be on the go, these are some of my most sacred weeks of the year. Weeks that help me build foundations that I take with me into my real life. Whether it’s yoga, meditation, or just simply learning to become more “aware”. What I learn and experience during these weeks is truly the foundation for the way I live my life.

And for that I’m eternally grateful.

I hope you found this helpful if you’re thinking about going on a yoga retreat.

And for those of you who are looking to get started today with a mindfulness practice in your own home, here are some tips on getting started with your own at-home meditation practice.



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