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The people around my table

It’s hard to put on paper who my people are.  These are the faces and the names that you’ll find woven throughout these pages.  The people I get to spend every day with.  They’ve agreed to let me share so openly parts of our lives. so the least I could do is properly introduce them…..


My better half for over a decade.  He is the one that balances me out and keeps me going.  He’s smart, funny and an incredible father.  But more than all of that, he’s probably the kindest person I know.  He teaches us all how to be a kinder, gentler person.  And for that I will always be grateful.


My first born.  An old soul through and through.  Sweet, sensitive and oh so social.  He’s my talker.  An incredible companion that makes you feel like you’re the most special person on earth.  He could talk to you for hours, and at the same listen to you with even more interest. He’s a wonderful friend, a lover of books and older than I’m ready for.




My only girl.  She’s named after my maternal Grandmother, Lillian.  She was a strong, confident and kind woman.  My little girl fills those shoes well.  She’s an incredible story teller with a vivid imagination, and confidence to share it all.



Oh my sweet sweet boy.  He’s the third and probably the most sensitive of them all.  He still asks me every day to “hold him”  and I soak up every chance.  He has the best giggle and gives the sweetest hugs.


The one that snuck into the family.  Our 4th and final baby.  Frankie amazes me in so many ways.  I thought I knew everything about babies, until I had him.  He is so different than my other three.  Brave, confident and oh so loud!  He has the biggest blue eyes, cheeks for days and a personality to go with it all.