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/ November 8, 2019

Friday Favorites 11.8.19

Wow, what a few weeks.  The past two weeks have been a little rough.  I’ve had a few tough “mom” moments (as I know so many of you can relate to). I haven’t necessarily been on my “A-game” for a while now, and I think it’s starting to catch up with me.

In the past few weeks, I’ve left kids stranded at soccer fields, completely missed class parties, forgotten lunches, missed ballet rehearsals, and just all around haven’t really been crushing it in the parenting department.

The first few big “mess-ups” had me in tears.  But then as they kept happening, something shifted a little and I found a way to let the guilt go (but oh man, the “mom guilt” is a real thing).

And here’s why…

I realized (and I knew this before, but clearly needed the reminder) that I’m NOT in fact failing (well, maybe a little). But rather what’s failing are these unrealistic standards and expectations we all have (including me!) to do it all.

To be a mama, and wife and friend and have a job, make sure everyone has clean underwear AND remember kids at the soccer fields. I mean, come on. Who can do all of that? I give up. I officially surrender. My kids are going to miss ballet rehearsals, I’ll forget someone somewhere again soon (I can pretty much guarantee that one), and I’ll definitely forget who has “hot lunch” on which day (that hot lunch schedule gets me every week. Ugh.)

But what I’m not doing anymore – is adding that extra layer of guilt. I’m totally cool with being just an “okay” mom. Because I’m pretty sure my kids still think that this “okay” mama is pretty awesome. And that’s god enough for me.  Today, “good enough” is pretty darn great.  

So to all of you who may have “failed” epically this week – with parenting, your career, your relationships, whatever. I see you. You’re my people. And I have news for you – we’re still crushing it. Way to show up this week.  Now let’s do it all over again next week.

Ok, enough of my ramblings about my mess-ups this week. Let’s talk Friday Favorites. I sort of think these are becoming my new favorite posts.

There are so many things I LOVE this week. First and foremost my new favorite Target cardigan that you know I love. A great gift-giving company I’ve been working with called melt down co, and my favorite new amazon coat that I just pulled out for the first time last week (because in Chicago we go from Halloween to polar vortex in a day…or in this case, on the same day ;).

So here you go, friends.  This week’s Friday Favorites…



No. 1

Target, Who What Wear, fuzzy striped cardigan

I’m not going lie, I feel like this photo does don’t do this cardigan justice.  It’s seriously so fuzzy and soft (and not at all itchy) that the color combo is so fun and chic.  It’s just a great fun pop of color.  And I’m obsessed with it.   

No. 2

Beautycounter, better balm duo

I’m a huge lip balm girl. You all already know that I’m crazy about the lip balms from Primally Pure – but I just received these in the mail this week (they’re brand new from BC and are special holiday product) and they may be my new favorite.  Just a great basic everyday lip balm.  I love the untinted for the kids – but the berry shade is super subtle and gorgeous (and so moisturizing).  A great upgrade from the old “chapstick” days. 

No. 3

Target, Who What Wear, leopard mini shift dress

I have quite a few holiday events over the next few months and need a handful of easy, wearable dresses, that aren’t going to break the bank.  I love this $34 dress from Target.  It’s flirty and fun, a super cute pattern and has great details.  Plus I love dresses over the holidays that aren’t form-fitting and that are easy to wear.  This dress checks all the boxes for me.  I noticed this morning that it’s almost out of stock (sorry, ladies), but they have it in this pattern as well that’s fully stocked and also super cute for the holidays.   

No. 4

NPR, “How I built this” with Guy Raz

I’m a huge lover of learning, in every way, but audio falls at the top of my list.  When I’m driving kids to their activities, going for a walk outside, editing photos, you name it;  I almost always have a podcast on.  And this series is one of my all-time favorites.  Guy Raz (who also created “wow in the world” – which is my kid’s favorite podcast), interviews such incredible, inspiring entrepreneurs who share their stories of how they created their businesses.  My favorites episodes are with Christina Tosi from Milk Bar (there’s also a great documentary on her in the series “Chef’s Table”.  She’s seriously my idol), and Lara Merriken from Lara Bar.  Another fascinating story about a woman using opportunities right in front of her to see what’s possible and say “why not me”?

No. 5

Prose, custom hair care

Switching over to all “clean” beauty this year was a big transition for our family, and one of the hardest was finding a shampoo and conditioner that I love – which is why I’m so excited about Prose.  Custom, made to order, hair care that is clean, safe and WORKS amazingly well.  It takes a few minutes to go through their questionnaire, but so worth the extra few minutes as they truly create a product that is customized for your hair (without any of the added fragrances and extras that you don’t need).  

No. 6

melt down, co – gift giving service

Melt down is a company that specializes in curating gorgeous personalized gift boxes.  And not just any “gift box”, but rather the kind of box you swoon over.  They truly take their time to get to know their clients and their gift-giving needs.  They have a wide variety of boxes already put together, or they can create something custom just for you.  They are the sweetest women to work with, are so professional, talents and just make gift-giving easier – and let’s be honest, this time of year we all need that.

For all Grace in the Crumbs readers, melt down is graciously offering 20% off your first order (and free delivery if you live in Chicago) using the code “GRACEINTHECRUMBS” at checkout.  If you have a few people on your gift-giving list that you’re not sure what to get – this is your answer.  

No. 7

Necessaire, the body essentials

A luxurious set of body care that’s 100% clean, safe that leaves your skin feeling like silk.  I love the exfoliator and lotion and use it almost daily.  It’s a great lotion to use after dry brushing too and a little goes a long way.  A little bit of a splurge for sure, but definitely worth it.  A great gift idea too for any “clean living” lovers on your list.  

No. 8

H&M, satin wrap dress

I love this satin wrap dress for so many reasons – but first and foremost that color!  So gorgeous for this time of year.  I love a good emerald green moment and definitely don’t have enough green in my wardrobe. I am so excited to wear this dress all holiday season.  

No. 9

Orolay, women’s down coat

I had been looking for a new down coat for the past few years but hated the idea of spending a fortune on something I wasn’t really excited about.  Coats can be so expensive, especially a heavy down coat.  I’m sure many of you had seen a similar coat to this on Amazon that was getting so much buzz last year.  I have to be honest, I never really loved it but had read so many of the great reviews.  Which is why I was so happy to find this style by the same brand.  Now, let’s be honest, this is still a big puffy heavy coat – BUT it’s pretty cute for a big down jacket and is CRAZY warm.  AND the best part is, it’s $119.  I just pulled it out for the first time last week and I’m so happy with my decision.  The perfect warm winter coat.  


Ok, that’s it for this week, my friends.  I was thinking about taking next week’s Friday Favorites in a new direction.  Maybe do my favorite holiday looks, gifts ideas, holiday decorations?  What do you think?  Anything you want to see next week?!  Let me know!  I LOVE hearing from you.

And if you missed a few of the past Friday Favorites you can find them here….

Happy Friday!





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