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/ October 4, 2019

Friday Favorites 10.4.19

Another great week and another great group of finds for all of you.  So many things I love this week; a great new documentary I just watched, a new water bottle that’s helping keep me accountable with my hydration and my new make-up routine!

So without any further ado….here’s are this week’s “Friday Favorites”!


No 1.

Target knit sweater skirt

I purchased this skirt as kind of an after-thought a few weeks ago, and you guys, I have been wearing it NON stop.  It’s my “go-to” outfit instead of my yoga pants.  I know that sounds strange, but it is genuinely that comfy.  It’s like a big cozy sweater for your legs.  It’s not “tight” like you’d expect so it’s very forgiving and it’s the perfect knee-length too so it feels like you’re covered.  I’ve been wearing it with sneakers and t-shirts all fall.  I have it in black, but this grey is gorgeous.  It runs big, so size down.

No. 2

Coffee table books by Assouline

We’ve been finishing up decorating a few areas of our house, and my go-to for “finishing touches” are great coffee table books.  By far and away, my favorites are any books by Assouline.  I have this one on Capri that’s a gorgeous orange (JP and I spent our 10 year anniversary in Capri so this book holds a special place in my heart), but this one on New York is the one I have my eye on next (hint, hint JP ;)).  All of their books are gorgeous, and the perfect accent to finish off any space in your house.

No 3.

Jacquard-knit sweater from H&M

Just a great fall basic.  Inexpensive, chic and easy.  I love this with high-waisted jeans or even that black knit target skirt!  Just effortlessly cute for every day.  I also just got this leopard print cardigan in the mail yesterday and am probably going to wear it all weekend.

No. 4

“Inside Bill’s Brain” – the new Bill Gates documentary on Netflix

I LIVE for a good documentary.  That’s pretty much all JP and me watch.  And I love a good inspirational story, and this one does not disappoint.  The main takeaway I got….knowledge isn’t power – what you DO with knowledge is power.  Bill Gates has the same 24 hours in the day as you and I, and he’s mindful of how he uses them.  Being mindful to direct his resources (time, knowledge, wealth, etc) to do the most good he can.  A great story and a short easy film.

No. 5

Nuun hydration tablets

I’m a water junkie.  Being hydrated is kind of a big deal to me.  You will never find me without water.  But the thing is, I’m starting to understand that staying “hydrated” about more than just drinking water. Your body needs certain minerals and electrolytes to be able to reap the benefits of all that H2O.  Which is why I love Nuun tablets.  A super simple easy way for me to get the daily amount of electrolytes I need (which by the way – you do need to replenish your electrolytes EVERY day).  I buy them at Whole Foods, but you can also find them on Amazon or right here.  I’ve tried almost all of the variations, and love them all.

No. 6

“Healthish” WB-1 Water Bottle

Speaking of water – this little guy is my new obsession. I just found out about this company last week and here’s why I LOVE this water bottle.  1.  BPA free plastic (although it looks like glass, which the snob in my loves).  2. It fits in my cup holder in my car (which is kind of key).  3.  The cap and mouth of the water bottle are the perfect size/easy to use.  4.  My FAVORITE reason – the time markings to help keep you on track!

So the idea is that you should drink TWO of these a day.  They have it marked by the time of day so you know if you’re on track (one side is marked for the am, and the other is pm).  I fill it in the am and then refill around noon/1 pm (and you can add your Nuun tablet in here!).  It couldn’t be easier.

No. 7

Beauty Counter’s Flawless in Five

Ok, so I have to be totally transparent here.  I recently became a Beautycounter consultant (more on that next week – I’ll share a full post on why and what I love about the company).  But with that being said, I’m still so new to many of their products.  I had actually never tried any of their make-up until this week.  LIke truly never tried it.  I signed up because I believed in their advocacy for clean beauty, but had no idea if I would like their actual make-up.  And I’ll be honest, I’m kind of picky (oh who am I kidding….I’m super picky).  I was expecting the “Flawless in Five” set to be “Ok”, but I genuinely love it.

I’ve used the entire “Flawless in Five” every day this week and loved the way my make-up looked.  It took me 2 1/2 minutes to apply (because let’s be honest, mom’s with four kids DON’T have five minutes in the mornings to apply make-up) and it lasted all day without feeling like I was wearing anything.  PLUS – the best benefit of all, it’s CLEAN!

I did a “tutorial” that I’ll share in my stories on Instagram later today – just don’t laugh too hard.  My favorite products were the brow gel (if you only do ONE thing – make it your brows) and the concealer (because I haven’t slept in a decade). But I truly loved the entire kit and will continue to wear it all.

No. 8

Zara’s floral print pleated dress

I saw this dress in the Zara window this week and I immediately went home and ordered it (sorry JP, last dress, promise;)).  It’s what I want my fall to look like.  Cool, effortless, feminine.  I love everything about this dress.  Love it with heels and a leather coat for dinner.  Chunky boots and a jean jacket for running around with kids.  The high neck, the layered skirt, the print.  It’s just cool without trying.


Ok friends, that’s it for this week.  Tell me what you loved, what you want to see more of, or what things you came across this week that I should know about!  I learn so many great things from all of YOU – so share away with me!

And if you missed the last few weeks, here they are….Friday Favorites 9.27.19 and Friday Favorites 9.20.19.

Hope your weekends are all off to a great start.  I’ll see you all on Monday!





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