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/ September 20, 2019

Friday Favorites 9.20.19

Welcome to the first Friday Favorites, friends (look at that alliteration I just did there)! I am so excited about this series.  I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now, so I’m feeling really proud that I finally got my act together and am pulling this round-up together (only took two years, but who’s counting ;).

I like to think of Grace in Crumbs as essentially a phone call between me and my sister or me and my best friend (only not on the phone and with thousands of people….but besides that, exactly the same ;).  Whatever I was going to tell them, I tell all of you.  It’s basically one big phone call and you’re all my best friends.

All joking aside though, there’s a lot of truth there.  Things I would normally share with my best friend; like what’s going on with my kids, my new favorite book or podcast, or that great lipstick I just found, or this black dress from Target that I’m wearing today with Frankie – I now tell all of you.  

So this series is sort of a culmination of all those little tidbits.  The little nuggets, of “oh I have to tell Lindsey (that’s my sister) about that moisturizer” – all gathered here for you once a week.  You know that feeling of “wait, why am I the last to know about….”?.  Well now you won’t be.  I’m sharing ALL of my finds each week with all of YOU.  So now none of us will be the last to know. 

NONE of this is sponsored, and ALL of it are things I truly love and use.  All just things I found this week and am currently loving and using on repeat.  

Ok so without further ado…here are this week’s Friday Favorites!


No 1

I love anything animal print these days.  It’s become my new “neutral”, especially for the fall.  This cardigan is such an easy way to add in a little animal and dresses up ANY outfit.  I throw it on all the time.  And an extra bonus that it’s 20% off at Anthropology right now.  

No. 2

You guys have heard me talk about different natural deodorants before. I’m a huge believer in natural deodorants, and I’m a huge believer in switching them up.  While I love Primaly Pure and Native, this routine deodorant is for sure my new favorite.  You “scoop” it out, which I thought would be weird, but it’s not.  I love it because it dries really quickly, doesn’t have a strange scent and TRULY WORKS!

No. 3

I love Rachel Hollis.  I think she’s so smart and talented (and just happens to be a momma of FOUR!), and while I love her books, I really think her podcasts are where she shines.  I LIVE for a good podcast, and I can’t get enough of hers.  This one is my favorite.  It’s a conversation between her and Ed Mylett which is just so inspiring for any woman/mom who is pursuing a new venture.  Next time you’re driving to the grocery store, just turn it on.  I promise you won’t regret it. 

No. 4

I mean, there’s not much more to say here than this is my new favorite lipstick.  I was at a friends house this week and tried it and immediately went out and bought it.  It’s seriously the perfect red, goes on like silk, is clean, and doesn’t “feather” (which for a “red” lip is really important).  

No. 5

Ok, ok, so this isn’t a find from “this week”, I’ve actually had this necklace for almost two years (and have never taken it off).  I get questions about it all the time, so I wanted to share it here.  It’s my favorite piece of jewelry because it’s so dainty and pretty.  You can layer things over it, sleep in it, work out in it.  It’s that piece you buy once and years later you still love.  I’m obsessed with everything from Phoenix Roze.  

No. 6

Best $22 I’ve ever spent at Target, and I don’t say that lightly.  I have worn this dress on REPEAT since I got it last week.  I’ve worn it dressed up with booties, to school drop off with kicks, with a cardigan running around.  It’s so comfy and so versatile – and did I mention $22!

No. 7

I had my make-up done this week by Shannon O’Brien (more on that another day), who by the way is as sweet and kind as she is talented and beautiful.  Meeting her was such a treat, and having her give me a few mak-up pointers was beyond cool.  I asked her if I had to have ONE thing that was easy and simple to use that helped me feel more “pulled together” what would it be – and she suggested this Milk Makeup lip and cheek stain.  And you guys, I freaking love it.  Dab on your cheeks and lips (literally press, blend and go).  I’m new to Milk Makeup but am already hooked.  Thank you, Shannon!

No. 8

I love a good cookbook.  They give me so much inspiration.  And this one does not disappoint, filled with easy fun recipes that are healthy but equally yummy. 

No. 9

You guys have heard me talk about this brand before (here in this post).  I love using their Vitalboost Moisturizer during the day (it’s great if you are sensitive or have any red pigmentation), but I just recently started using the  Wake Up Call Overnight Facial and am hooked.  It just helps make me look refreshed and is great overnight exfoliator.  

No. 10

You all know from my last Instagram post that I love a good board.  And that starts with a great cutting board.  When we were living out in CT we lived down the street from a store called Terrain, which had the best cutting boards and this one is still one of my favorites.  Big and round and rustic.  All it needs is a little cheese, crakers (and gummy bears too if that’s your thing ;).


I’d love to hear your thoughts on this too….what do you want to see?  Any favorites of yours that should be added to the list.  Let me know!  Send me your favorite podcasts, lipstick, shoes, website, whatever!   










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