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/ January 24, 2020

Friday Favorites 1 24 20

I don’t know about any of you, but I always feel like the last week or two of January are a little tough for me.  I go into the year feeling so motivated and excited.  Like I could take over the world.  And after a week or two, I feel like I can barely take over our huge mound of laundry, let alone the world.  Anyone else relate?  It can just feel tough to stay motivated and excited – especially when it’s freezing and it feels like it’s midnight at 5:30.

So what’s a girl to do…

Just take it one day at a time.  Keep the big picture in mind, and focus on one thing each day to help me get closer to my goals.  Just one thing.  That I can do.

One of my bigger goals this year is to BE HAPPIER (I’m pretty sure one we could all use a little of that).  To find more happiness and joy in all of this. In the process.  To not expect perfection, or things to feel “completed” and “done”, to feel good – but to just enjoy some of the “in-between” a little more.

So I’m making more time to be happy, right in the mess, with the kids, with JP, my friends.  Just making a little more space for joy and fun and happiness, and it feels really good.  

I’m trying not to take myself so seriously.  Holding onto my phone or computer a little less, and picking Frankie up a little more.  Making time to meet up with friends even when my schedule feels jam-packed.  And you know what?  It helps.

Sometimes even just a small 5-minute “play break” with my little guy helps reinvigorate me, and motivate me to stay on track and focus on my goals a little longer.

We’ll see what next week holds, but this week was a good one in my books, and I hope it was for all of you too.

Speaking of this week….this week’s Friday Favorites has so many great new finds, including an awesome new pair of jeans I’m crazy about, the coat I’ve been wearing on repeat, and then my favorite skincare product that I swear is helping me combat this dry winter weather.


No. 1

H&M, Puff sleeved v-neck cardigan, $34

Just a simple great basic that feels a little more fun with the puff sleeves and embellished buttons.  I love this with black jeans (or would be really cute with white jeans) or even looks great with a patterned skirt.

No 2

Anthropologie, Renegade long line blazer, $138

I love how a blazer can just pull an outfit together – but I especially love how this longer length just adds an extra element of style and edge.

No 3

Roxanne Ausoulin, Just say love bracelets, $110

I love all Roxanne Assoulin bracelets, but I especially love this “love” trio.  I’m asking for the mint-colored bracelet for my birthday.  Such a fun pop of color mixed and matched with any of your own bracelets – and love the message.

No. 4

Frame, Forever Karli ripped skinny jeans, $229

As a girl who is 6″1, jeans are literally my nemesis.  Nothing ever fits me.  They all look like cropped jeans (lol).  So to find an amazing pair of “tall” jeans was like finding a needle in a haystack.  These fit like a glove, are beyond comfy and pull you in (in all the right spots). I’m crazy about these jeans. I know they’re a little pricey, but I wear jeans every day and will own these for years.

No 5

Beautycounter, Overnight resurfacing peel

If there is one thing this winter that has kept my skin “glowing”, it would be this product.  The name is a little misleading – there actually is no peel.  It’s more of a serum that is a powerhouse.  It literally removes all the dead, dry skin from your face so that your moisturizer (and over other product) works that much better.  I use it every other night.  I have very sensitive skin, and it’s never left me feeling red, dry or irritated.  Instead, I wake up and my skin looks fresh and radiant.

No. 6

Abby Alley, brass message bracelets, $22

I love everything this brand is about.  Beautiful quality handmade jewelry and handbags, that are both ethically produced and sourced.  These brass message bracelets are handmade by brass from brass by the workshop at Pamoja Tunaweza Boys and Girls Club$5 of every purchase goes straight back to the Pamoja Tunaweza Boys and Girls Club so they can continue to expand their outreach program.  Plus, I love just the sweet messages on each of the bracelets.  I’m ordering a few of the “Grace” bracelets to gift to a few friends for Valentine’s Day.  Abby Alley was gracious enough to offer 20% to all Grace in the Crumbs readers when using the code “GraceInTheCrumbs” at checkout.  

No 7

Topshop, Kim boucle coat, $90

I have been living in this coat all winter.  It’s a gorgeous color (I LOVE winter whites) and it just dresses up any outfit.  Plus, you can’t beat the price.

No 8

H&M, Fluffy cardigan, $29.99

I think I have an obsession with white sweaters, especially the fluffy ones from H&M.  This will be my third one.  But I honestly live in them.  I can’t describe the material.  It’s like wearing a cloud.  I have this in a v-neck and the turtleneck and it’s what I wear the most out of any sweater in my closet.

No 9

House of Shan, Live what you love sweatshirts, $58

You guys, I am absolutely crazy about these sweatshirts.  They are designed and made by my dear from Shannon, and I just love what they represent. “An imperfect heart stitched over your heart as a daily reminder to… Live your passion, laugh every day, love deeply, lift others up, and don’t ever quit your daydream.

Plus, I love it that $5 of every purchase goes back to a local women’s and children’s shelter here in Chicago.

No 10

Everlane, The perform leggings, $58

I am such a huge fan of Everlane and have been waiting for them to launch a pair of leggings, and yesterday they finally did! I am so excited.  I just ordered a few pairs to try, but they have been getting rave reviews.  Plus I love it that 58% of the materials used to make these leggings are from recycled materials.


Ok, friends, that’s it for this week.  I hope all of your weekends are all starting off well, and that you too are finding little moments of JOY.  See you all next week!  xoxo












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