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/ December 9, 2019

Holiday Pajamas for the whole family

When I was growing up, Christmas morning my siblings and I would painstakingly wait at the top of the stairs of our childhood home, waiting for my parents to give us the “green light” to walk down to see if “Santa had come”. Then we’d run down one by one, while my dad would beg us to slow down so he could record us with his 1980s VSH camcorder making us recite our names and ages (as if people weren’t sure who we were ;).  In matching pajamas of course. 

But the best part of this childhood tradition is that I’m pretty sure I sat on those same steps until I was 30.  Even JonPaul had a few cameo appearances telling us his name and age (that boy is a trooper ;).

Years later, in my own home now, while I don’t make my kids sit at the top of our staircase every Christmas morning, I do try and make them wear some type of matching pajamas.  

Over the years we’ve had a mix of different style pajamas, and while I do love a good Christmas theme, I like pajamas for the kids that they can wear all winter long and not just Christmas morning.  While I love a good cohesive look, I’m not huge on “matchy-matchy”, so I just try and get everyone a little something with a similar feel, but not necessarily identical.

For today, I’ve put together a round-up of some of our favorite holiday pajamas for the whole family.  For the kids, I love a few from Hanna Anderson and they’ve worn this button-down set from J Crew for years (which is my personal favorite).  I love this satin set from Nordstroms for me, and JP usually goes with just a cool pair of sweatpants and a pullover sweatshirt.  He’s not big into wearing “pajamas” around the house, so a good set of loungewear is a great option for him.

Here are a few of my favorites for this year…


no. 1

J Crew, prancing reindeer, $49 (now up to 55% off)

no. 2

Gap, llama holiday pajama set, $19

no. 3

Hannah Anderson, festive flowers, $30

no. 4

J Crea, “Petite Plume” pajama set in pink gingham, $58

no. 5

Maisonette, “Petite Plume” sophia nightgown, $58


no. 6

J Crea, dreamy pajama set, $78 (up to 55% off)

no. 7

Target, satin nightgown, $19.99

no. 8

Bluebella, wren kimono pajama set, $74

no. 9

Nordstrom, washed satin pajama set, $85

no. 10

Barefoot Dreams, cozy chic robe, $99


no. 11

J Crew, blue reindeer glow in the dark pajama set, $49 (up to 55% off)

no. 12

J Crew, “Petite Plume” kids pajama set in white, $58

no. 13

Hanna Anderson, cotton pajama set in storyteller fair isle, $30

no. 14

J Crea, kids’ tipped pajama set, $59 (now up to 55% off)

no. 15

Maisonette, “Petite Plume” pajama set, $68



no. 16

J Crew, double knit lounge pat, $69 (now up to 55% off)

no. 17

J Crew, jersey pajama pant, $39.50 (now up to 55% off)

no. 18

J Crew, pajama set in cotton poplin, $79 (now up to 55% off)

no. 19

J Crew, slim brushed fleece sweatpant, $58 (now up to 55% off)

no. 20

J Crew, double-knit half zip sweater, $62 (up to 55% off)










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