Friday Favorites 2.26.21

Friday Favorites 2.26.21

I think this has been my happiest week of 2021. Is that a thing? A “happy week”. I don’t know. But this week was for me. And man did it feel good

I think it’s the combination of the snow melting, the sun shining more and some really GREAT conversations with all of you (about SOO many topics; friendships, body image, MONEY! So much good content on here this week).

Plus I think the fact that I’m still not drinking is snowballing into some amazing effects (ps..for anyone interested, this is the book that pushed me to give sobriety a try). My sleep feels great. I’m waking up on my own.  I feel lighter and more focused and clearer than I have in months.  I wasn’t planning on continuing with this for so long – but I’m not quite ready to give up this feeling for a glass of wine.  

We also made some major progress on our kitchen this week.  I shared a little more about our kitchen renovation here.  It took us a lot longer than I had anticipated getting our layout finalized.  But I think we FINALLY have it all worked out.  We’re hoping to give our cabinet maker the green light in the next day or two, and then get started with a demo in early April! So I am giddy excited. And I can’t wait to show you our plans, and even more excited to get in there and COOK.

I’ve been really into our house lately too. Anyone else? 

Spending a little more time trying to make it cozy and happy.  It’s been really fun.

We got a new chandelier in our dining room (that I don’t think I’ve shown you yet), a few new vases for in there too (and this Gray Malin photo that I’ve wanted for years.  JP and I went here for our 10 year anniversary so it has a special meaning).  We’ve been putting off doing anything in our dining room until our kitchen reno was done – but there were a few things that I just knew I wanted (like that art and light) so I just went for it.

I also picked out a new piece of artwork I want for our bedroom. 

How gorgeous is this?  I found it on Etsy. It’s a photo of a beach in southern California at sunset and just reminds me of our time in Califonia. I’m hoping we get back there in a few months, but until then, I’ll have this.  

I also found a few other great finds lately, including a great new vase from Target that I filled with some gorgeous Lilly’s this week as a birthday treat., my favorite new coffee table book, and a few other odds and ends that I linked here.


Friday Favorites 2.26.21

1.Ceramic vase from Target  2. “Surfers at Sunset” framed photography from Etsy 3. Faux olive tree from Target. 4.  Bar Cabinet from Crate & Barrel  5.  Kentfield pendant from Serena & Lily 6.  Barefoot Dreams blanket 7. Studio Mcgee Console table from Target 8. Threshold Studio Mcgee pedestal serving bowl  9.Threshold Studio Macgee planter 10. Threshold Studio Macgee ceramic lamp 11. Surf Shack coffee table book 12. Threshold Studio Mcgee weathered jug from Target


Ok, so now I’m off to go enjoy this gorgeous sunny morning.  I hope you’re too. 

Have a great weekend, sweet friends.  and I’ll chat with you all next week. 


Grace in the Crumbs 



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