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/ October 25, 2019

Friday Favorites 10.25.19

Well, I’m not gonna lie, kind of glad this week is over. I’m usually not one to say things like that. I can almost always see the good, in everything, but this week was a little bit of a doozy.

Frankie was really sick all this week, and with JP traveling, my job as #1 mama bear was in full force – and that was NOT my plan (oh, God, you are so funny).  Isn’t that always the case though?  What’s the saying….you make plans, and god laughs (or something like that.  You get the point).  

BUT rather than being frustrated with feeling like this week didn’t go according to plan…I’m going to make a quick list of all the good things that this happened.  Ok, here we go…

1  As I write this, my husband is flying home.  So number one, I have a partner and husband who I want to see and that wants to come home (ugh. ok, now I’m crying).  And two, he has a job.  And a job he likes.  

2  My son was overwhelmed this week – and he was able to tell me.  He could find the words, express his feelings and wanted to tell me (ok, see…another reason I’m crying)

3  My little guy who was sick – is better.  He’s good.  He’s fine.  He’s home, in his bed, healthy.

4  I have all of you.  I love this community.  Love all of your support.  Love all of your friendships. 

Ok, so now that I’m crying and all of a sudden feeling grateful for all this week has given – let’s jump into this week’s Friday Favorite before I get really sidetracked…

No. 1

Target, who what wear, floral mini dress

I don’t think I haven’t had one Friday Favorite that HASN’T had a Target dress in it, but honestly, the Who What Wear line is just really good this season.  I was in there the other day (getting more Tylenol for Frankie – see another blessing ;), and found this super cute floral mini dress.  I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m already starting to think about easy Thanksgiving outfits, and this would be so great with some over the knee boots, or even just little botties.   

No. 2

Beautycounter, Glow and Go mini oils

I’m a big “oil” person (as you know from last’s week’s post with the Herbivore CBD oil), and Beautycounter has a few of my favorites.  I love their balancing oil (#3) during the day.  I add a drop to my moisturizer.  And I use the Brightening oil (#1) at night to help with pigmentation and overall discoloration.  But what I love about this set, is that you get a sample of ALL THREE for $34, which is such a great value. 

PLUS right now, everything is an additional 10% with code “YTR”

No. 3

Zara, animal print pleated skirt

I wore this skirt over the weekend out for my Dad’s 70th birthday dinner and received a lot of questions about it, so I thought I’d include it here.  You guys know I love a good printed skirt.  They’re so versatile, and I wear them as if they’re a neutral.  You can dress them up, down, and are great for just about any season.  I love the leather detail on this one.  I wore it out Saturday night with this halter bodysuit that’s also from Zara (and also what I’m wearing in the photo above).  It’s great because it has a built-in bra and is just an easy staple.  

No. 4

Paige, Hoxton straight ankle jeans

I’ve been on the hunt this fall for the perfect pair of black jeans – that are NOT tight.  I’m kind of over the whole skinny jeans.  I’m all about being comfy these days and want jeans that are effortlessly chic – which is why I love these Paige straight jeans.  I can’t wait to wear them with little heals, a cami and my Everlane blazer (I may have a blazer obsession).  Plus I just love Paige jeans.  They’re a little bit of an investment, but they hold up so well and last of years.

No. 5

Madewell, leopard slippers

I actually purchased these exact same slippers last winter, but JUST pulled them back out again this week and forgot how much I LOVE them.  So cozy and warm on these colder fall mornings when I just don’t want to get out of bed.  Plus, they’re just really cute – and they’re on sale right now at Madewell! 

No. 6

Ilia limitless lash mascara

You guys already know that I’m a huge clean beauty lover, and there are so many great products out there that I’ve already shared with all of you.  But one that I’ve sort of struggled with is a mascara that I actually really love, until now.  I love the way this Ilia mascara works.  It doesn’t clump.  Has a great brush.  Plus it doesn’t irritate my eye and is safe!

No. 7

Viome, gut microbiome testing

So this is something that I know may be a little “out there” for some of you, so hear me out.  Out gut health is directly related to our overall health.  We all, to some degree, understand this and can agree.  But what’s really confusing for a lot of us is understanding our own gut health.  It’s almost impossible to.  For the most part, I think I eat healthily, I think I take the probiotics with the correct strands my gut needs – but in reality, I’m sort of working blindly on this.  Viome takes the guesswork out of understanding your gut health.   It’s a comprehensive, at-home kit, that helps you understand how the foods and supplements you are taking are affecting your overall gut health.  

I just learned about this company last week, and my kit just arrived in the mail yesterday, so this is all a little new for me too – but I found the concept fascinating and I am always looking for ways to have more knowledge about my gut-health so I’m not making so many of these choices blindly.  

No. 8

Evereve, leopard slip dress

I recently saw my friend Shannon share this dress (who by the way if you’re not already following, has the best style) and I was drooling over it.  I love a good slip dress, and this one is so versatile and cute.  Plus the entire Evereve store is having a site-wide sale right now through the weekend.  So much great stuff there.  

That’s it for the week, friends.  I hope your weekends are all off to a great start. 








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