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/ October 16, 2020

Friday Favorites 10.16.20

Filling myself up on things that bring me JOY.

Years ago I had a very limiting mindset that the measure of my health and wellness could be measured simply by how “well” I was eating or how hard I pushed myself working out.   If I broke a sweat and ate a salad – I was doing “well” (how silly, right?)

It was a very narrow approach to wellness.

Over the years, and especially lately, I’ve expanded my view of health and wellness to understand that it’s that just what we eat or our workout routines.  Our health and wellness, our happiness, is affected by everything in our world and our environment that we consume

And what we consume is everything from what we eat, to what we read, what we watch, what we listen to, who we surround ourselves with, the products we put on our bodies.  

Friends, we are consuming it all.  It all adds up. What spills out of you is whatever you’re filled up with it.  So let’s fill up on GOOD stuff.  Things that make us happy.  Things that bring us joy and make us feel good.

Lately, I’ve been extra diligent about noticing how I’m filling my cup.  How I’m taking care of me. And honesty, I can feel a difference, and it feels pretty good.

So today’s Friday Favorites is all about things that are bringing me joy.  

Getting up before my kids.  Morning meditations.  Walks along the beach.  Reading before bed.  Taking care of my skin.  Hot baths.  Yoga.  A great podcast.  Real conversations and connection.  So let’s dig in….


Getting in daily movement for me has been a big priority for me the past several months.  Whether it’s a walk along the beach, a quick yoga practice, or bike riding with Lill.  These are a few of the things that are keeping my 


Everlane, The Perform Legging, $58

An amazing pair of leggings for everything from yoga, to long walks, to just hanging at home baking cookies with your kiddos.  These leggings are a great value and a staple piece you’ll wear all the time. 


Manduka Pro Yoga Mat, $120

Hands down the best yoga mat you’ll ever own.  I’ve had mine for at least 6 years and it looks as good as new and I use it (almost) daily.  


Nike, Infinity Flykint Running Shoe, $160

I bought these shoes at the beginning of quarantine and almost had a heart attack spending so much on shoes.  I have a little older model (basically just different colors, but same shoe) and wear them EVERY day.  It’s what I run in, walk along the beach in, run errands in.  They are by far the best running shoes I’ve owned.  My knees/back haven’t hurt once since wearing these when I walk or run – and they wash up beautifully.  Hands down, my favorite purchase since quarantine.  


I’m a huge podcast girl.  I listen to them when I’m cooking, driving, taking walks.  I LOVE a good podcast and hearing other people’s stories.  There are sooo many I love – but here are probably the two I go to the most (I’ll do a full podcast blog soon).


The Goop podcast

While I’ve never been a huge GOOP fan over the years, I’ve found quite a few episodes on this podcast that I’m really loving.  I love the episode with Jay Shetty episode and a recent one where she interviews Kate Hudson talking about finding purpose.  I also love their spinoff podcast, “The Beauty Closet” that talks about everything from beauty in media to trends in clean beauty (which you know I’m always up for a little clean beauty chat)


The Skinny Confidential – “Him and Her” podcast

Ok, so this is probably my number one podcast.  Lauryn Evarts can do no wrong in my book.  She’s smart, savvy, and gives great advice.  Plus, she asks amazing questions.  Excellent at interviewing people and gets the bests guests.  I love the recent episode with Molly Carmel about diet culture.  It’s a must-listen for everyone, but especially women.  And heads up, she’s a little outspoken and crass at times, so just don’t be shocked



Taste the Nation with Padma Lakshmi, on HULU

If I could be one woman, it would be Padma Lakshmi.  I live for everything she says, cooks stand for.  She’s just an all-around amazing woman with an incredible story.  Her new docuseries is fantastically produced.  She sets on in search of what is “American” food  – but really dives deep into history and culture and shines a light on so much of our heritage.  Just an all-around easy, educational and inspirational watch.  


David Attenborough, A Life On Our Planet, on Netflix

A MUST watch for anyone who wants to live on our planet for the next few decades or cares about our earth at all.  BEAUTIFULLY and thoughtfully produced.  The images are simply breathtaking, and David Attenborough is just brilliant (at 93!).  I found this to be moving, incredibly educational, eye-opening and can’t recommend it enough.  



Untamed by Glennon Doyle

A beautiful read for anyone and everyone.  Easy short chapters about living a more authentic life.  Witty, well written, and a fast read.  One you’ll go back to.  I basically highlighted the whole thing and have read many chapters several times.  Glennon writes in a way that keeps you devouring pages.  You fly through this book.  


Think Like A Monk by Jay Shetty

A great book about mindfulness and finding more purpose in your life.  A beautiful, approachable, read for anyone looking to gain a little more clarity in their life.  


Bottom of the pot, by Naz Deravian

I read cookbooks like novels.  You’ll often catch me before bed flipping through old cookbooks just for inspiration.  But I especially love cookbooks about foods I don’t typically cook – like this one.  Bottom of the Pot is a beautiful collection of approachable and delicious Persian food.  A cuisine I’m hoping to bring into our home more.  I am so touched by so much of this culture and traditions.



Beautycounter, Ultimate Renewal Bath Set, $89

Dry brushing has been in my beauty routine for a while, but this set has made it so much more fun.  I dry brush before all of my baths and then use this gorgeous body scrub and oil.  The oil does NOT leave me feeling greasy and absorbs beautifully into my skin.  It feels so decadent after.  Seriously the best little at-home spa treatment.  



Beautycounter, Bright Side Duo, $75

THE TWO PRODUCTS I USE THE MOST on my skin bundled together right here.  I use the overnight peel every night and LOVE the vitamin C serum every morning.  With everything going on in the world and everything feeling so crazy, sometimes little things like just taking care of your skin, every day, feel like such a treat.  


Equilibria, Mindful Mineral Soak, $45

You’ve all heard me talk about Equilibria so much on here (and if you need a little refresher on why I use Equilibiria CBD oil and how I take it, you can find my full blog post here).  But one of my favorite new products of theirs is this gorgeous bath salt infused with CBD oil.  For anyone with achy muscles, tension, or just struggling to unwind or fall asleep…I can’t recommend a bath with CBD epsom salts enough.   Use code “GraceInTheCrumbs” for 20% your order 


Madewell, Leopard Slippers, $30 (with an additional 30% off)

Post bath, post dry brush, and face mask and ALL the other rituals I do almost nightly, I slip on my jammies and these cozy slippers.  I’ve had these slippers for 3 years, and just bought a new pair (literally the same ones).  They’re great and actually wash up really well too.  The perfect little treat for your feet.  



Anthropologie, Wendy Tiered Maxi Dress, $158 (with an additional 25% off right now)

This is the first “non-practical” thing I’ve bought since March, and you guys, it just makes me so happy.  Every once in a while we need to treat ourselves to something just because, and this dress was it for me.  I saw it a month ago and didn’t buy it until last week and I’m soooo excited.  The color is gorgeous.  The fit is loose and comfy and cool.  It’s one of those dresses that just feels so easy and comfy on, but the color and fabric elevate it.  And that RED.  It’s just gorgeous and makes me smile. 










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