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/ September 27, 2019

Friday Favorites 9.27.19

Ok so first I just wanted to thank you all for your awesome excitement and enthusiasm around this series. It truly made my day.  I always want to share things on here that YOU want to see or that you find interesting – so I love it that so many of you were excited about Friday Favorites. 

This week’s round-up has a few of my ALL time favorites.  A dress from a crazy talented designer (who also happens to be a momma of four!), a Chicago artist you know I love, my kid’s favorite podcast, how I’ve simplified buying toiletries for our home (because let’s be honest, no one gets excited about buyting toilet paper ;), and lots more.  

Ok so let’s dig in.  Here are this week’s Friday Favorites!


No. 1

the Vincent James slip dress

There are so many things I love about this company, this designer, and this dress.  Heather Sullivan is a Chicago mom of four (who just recently relocated to Charleston) who created Vincent James as a way to provide simple elevated essentials for women with a sustainable approach.  All of her clothes are effortless, stylish and chic.  She uses all sustainable fabrics and her designs are sewn ethically here in Chicago.  

All of her pieces are so chic and easy to wear, but I especially love this dress.  The merino wool is so light, it doesn’t feel like wool, but it lays so beautifully on your body.  Plus, it’s not too tight around the waist AND my favorite part is that it has a built-in bra!  I have been living in this dress since I got it.  I wear it for everything from running to the grocery store with a t-shirt over it, to out to dinner with JP.  My love for this dress is endless.

No. 2

Hapi Art

I know you’ve heard me talk about Kristi Kohut before, but I just adore her and all of her work  She’s a Chicago momma (do you see a theme here? ;)), and an incredibly talented artist whose work is being recognized worldwide.  All of her art is absolutely magical and has incredible energy to it.  I had the pleasure of spending some time at her studio (we’re planning something fun together for all of you in the next few stay tuned) this week and her personality is infectious.  She is so warm and inviting and lovely, just like her art.  

I already own one of her pieces (we have this piece with a neon lucite frame in our entryway that I am crazy about), but JP and I are getting this print for our first-floor powder room, and I am so excited.  She has pieces in every price range, which also makes her so special and unique.  She truly believes that art should be accessible for everyone, and not intimidating.  If you are looking for a piece for your home, she happily walks you through the whole process to help you find the perfect piece.  

No. 3

The oversized blazer from Everlane

One of the pieces of clothing that I wear on REPEAT (and have been for probably a decade) is a good blazer.  I LOVE blazers.  I think they just make any outfit look pulled together.  I wear them all the time with jeans and a cami or even jeans and a t-shirt.  They just pull an outfit together and make it look effortlessly cool (at least that’s what I tell myself when I have a blazer on and I’m running out the door dragging four kids along with me ;)).  

This oversized blazer from Everlane is perfection.  Loose and effortless, but still structured and sophisticated.  If you’re looking to buy one new thing this fall – I would make it this blazer.  You will own it for YEARS (Everlane has amazing quality) and find so many ways to wear it.

No. 4

Cherry Bombe Magazine

Cherry Bomb is more than just a magazine, it’s an entire community of amazing women chefs.  It first started as an independent magazine (which is how I first came across them years ago in NY) which has now grown into a radio show, events and now a cookbook.  

Cherry Bombe celebrates women in food – and all that they’re doing and creating.  I love it because it shares stories of women entrepreneurs and chefs who are breaking molds and barriers and doing incredible things.  All of the stories are empowering and inspirations – plust is showcases amazing food and recipes.  If you are a woman who loves food –  Cherry Bombe is your community.  

No. 5

NPR’s “Wow in the World” Podcast for kids

We are big podcast people, and big NPR people, so when I came across “Wow in the World” I had no doubt we’d love it.  We spend A LOT (and I mean, a lot) of time in the car driving kids to their activities and since the school year has started we’ve been using all of our car time as “podcast time’.  It has been game-changing.  Mommas out there – if you drive kids around – you need this.  Our car is silent for 30 minutes when this is on.  Plus, I kind of love it too.

“Wow in the world” podcasts are short 30-minute segments that cover everything from “what are black holes?” to “what’s a brain freeze?” in a way that’s really funny and cute for kids.  The characters are really cute and engaging and the stories they create around these educational topics is pretty amazing.  It’s a podcast my kids LOVE listening to, and I actually feel like I’m learning a little something too (which makes the 30-minute drive to dance and Lacrosse that much easier ;).  

No. 6

Skin Gym’s Gua Sha tool

You all know from this post on my new skincare routine that I love a good “facial massage” (which is essentially what Gua Sha is).  I’ve tried a few Gua Sha tools before, but this one if my new favorite.  It’s just a little bigger, which makes it easier to hold and it feels a little “heavier” with also just makes it feel better in my hand.  If you’ve never tried giving yourself a Gua Sha massage – you are missing out.  It’s one minute before bed to sort of sculpt your face and drain toxins.  It feels great and is awesome for your skin.  

No. 7

Grove Collaborative

Ok so I can not believe I’m talking about toilet paper with you guys on here – but I’m keeping it real with all of you.  I hate spending my time running around buying things like toilet paper, paper towels, toothpaste, cleaning supplies – you get the point.  

I had heard about Grove Collaborative before, but just recently started using it and it’s a game-changer.  Now I get monthly shipments of all the things we go through constantly – but what’s even better is that their products are clean.  You can get recycled toilet paper, clean toothpaste and other green products that you can feel good about.  Plus it’s just easy and effortless – and I am all about that these days.  If you can make my life easier – than welcome to the team.  

And what’s even better, is that with your first order you can get a free 5-piece Mrs. Meyer cleaning set.  We just got ours in the mail (along with all of the other things are family goes through like water) and I am so happy with it. 


Target’s leopard cami

If you saw my stories from over the weekend, you know that I love this new $17 leopard cami that I just got from Target.  I mean, Target is kind of crushing it these days.  This is a super easy fun fall piece to layer with sweaters (hmmm, and maybe with that Everlane blazer!).  It’s just fun and a cute way to add animal print into your wardrobe effortless and inexpensively.  


Ok friends, so that’s it for this week.  Tell me what you love or what you want to see more of in the comments below.  I love hearing from all of you.  It truly makes my day – so tell me what you think.  And if you missed last week’s Friday Favorites you can find it here!

Happy Friday, friends.  Hope you all have an amazing week and I’ll chat with you on Monday!









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