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/ January 17, 2020

Friday Favorites 1.17.20

While I loved our Christmas and New Year’s break, you guys, it feels so good to be back in a routine and moving again.

I have LOVED taking these last two weeks to get back into a healthy mindset, which includes everything from cleaning up my diet and adding back in daily movement.

To help clean up my diet I’ve been following the Clean Program for the past two weeks and my energy is finally coming back.  I haven’t had coffee (among other things) in two weeks and am waking up on my own before my 5 am alarm (I mean, I should also add that I’m in bed most nights by 9 pm, so besides being “well-rested”, I’m also officially the most boring person on the internet).   

I’ve also been much more conscious again about moving my body for at least 30 minutes every day.  I’m loving the way yoga and pilates combined make me feel.  Along with some great workouts thanks to Melissa Wood (that I share below), and a few good long walks, I’m finally feeling good in my skin again.  

And I know many of you are in the same headspace, always working to take care of yourself, a little each day. So I thought it would be fun to share with you some of my favorite products that I’m currently loving that are helping keep me motivated and going.  A few of my favorite products, workouts, and even what I’m listening to on my long walks.  I hope some of these things help you stay inspired and motivated to keep your health & wellness journey going too.  

Here’s what I’m currently loving…

No. 1

Nike, Daybreak sneaker, $90

Just an all-around cool modern sneaker to wear to yoga, pilates, out walking with the kids or running errands.  I am obsessed with that little pop of neon.  Comfortable enough to wear all day, but still chic enough that you feel put together.

No 2

Haute Shore, Greyson Uptown 2 bag, $97

I’m gonna go ahead and make a big claim here because I truly believe this is THE BEST GYM BAG I’VE EVER HAD.  I am seriously obsessed with this bag and wish I had found it sooner.  Here’s why you’ll love it.  It has a flat bottom so IT STANDS UP!  IT’S WASHABLE!  The straps are the long enough to fit comfortably over my winter coat, it’s big (but can use the snaps to make it ‘smaller”).  And it just looks cool.  If I still needed a “diaper bag” this would be it.  I can’t say enough about this bag.  

This isn’t the “exact” one I have (I couldn’t find my pattern online), but here are a few other ones I love. 

Neon Greyson tote from Everything but the Water, $88

Smokey Greyson tote from Amazon $107

No 3

Beyond Yoga, racerback cropped tank, $66

I’ve loved Beyond Yoga for years, but especially their tops, they’re almost all I wear. I love this crop racerback because it hits at just the right point with my high-waisted yoga pants.  It’s supportive without feeling bulky and is still really feminine.  

No. 4

Alo, Clarity long sleeve top, $88

Alo makes outstanding workout clothes.  Everything from them is thick, but breathable and holds up for years.  This is just a great basic cozy top to wear to/and from the gym, yoga studio, or honestly just everyday running around.  A chic basic staple that will last for years.

No. 5

Vitamix, A2300 Ascent Series Blender, $340

Ok, so I know this is a big-ticket item.  But here’s the thing, these blenders truly are amazing and they last a lifetime.  We’ve had our Vitamix since Lillian was born.  That’s nine years.  And we use it AT LEAST once a day.  So I’d say we got our investment out of it.  It blends so much better than anything out there.  I make all of our smoothies in it (which you know I live for my smoothies), soups, salad dressings, sauces, ice cream.  Honestly, it is a workhorse and hands down my favorite kitchen appliance.

No. 6

Alo, Airbrush high waist leggings, $82

By far, my favorite yoga pants.  They are thick, do not move, give full coverage and honestly hug my booty and (hold it up…lol).  These pants are amazing.  I’m also obsessed with the thick high waistband – and it DOES NOT MOVE.  

No 7

Zella, Taryn luxe joggers, $75

A great every-day pant for going to/from the gym.  I love these joggers.  A great thick tie waist, zipper pockets, thick fuzzy and warm.  What’s not to love.  A great weekend staple too.  

No. 8

The Clean Program

I’ve been doing The Clean Program for about nine years, a few times a year.  I love it because it helps my body “rest and reset”.  Plus, their “elimination diet” is generally how I like to eat – eliminating dairy, processed sugars, gluten, and caffeine.  If you’ve ever considered doing a nutritional cleanse, this is a safe, trusted program that I can tell you works and truly improves your overall health.  

No. 9

Nike, Joyride dual run, $130

Ok I’ll be honest, I’m not really a runner.  I used to be back in my old life, but now I’m more of a yoga, pilates type of gal.  But I LOVE a good long walk – and I love a great pair of kicks to do it in.  Out of all the running/athletic shoes out there, these keep getting the best reviews, and I can see why.  Plus they just look cool (lol).

No 10

Sticher, Podcast listening App

I could do a full post just on podcasts (and I will in a few weeks).  I just started listening to podcasts about a year ago and now I can’t stop.  I especially love listening to them when I’m out for a walk or working out.  It makes the time go by so quickly and I always gain a wealth of knowledge.  I use the Sticher app to listen to all of them.  It works great.  It keeps all of your podcasts in one place, helps you organize them and has every podcast out there on it.  In my humble opinion, it’s the best way to listen to podcasts.  If you don’t have it – download it and start listening away.   

No. 11

Melissa Wood Health App, workout app

Melissa Wood is known for creating “long lean lines”.  I mean, what’s not to love about that.  I started following along with her on social media a little over a year ago and then somehow converted to her workout routines. She does a unique combination of pilates and yoga. Her positive energy is absolutely infectious. She’s beautiful, and motiving and just makes you feel good – and it comes through in her videos.  But what I love most about her workouts is that they can be done at home with no equipment, and they can be done in as little as 10 minutes.  

No 12

Apple airpods with charging case, $139

These airpods are one of my favorite purchases from 2019.  They’ve changed my workout routines, my yoga home practice, my writing at home.  The sound is amazing and there is no better feeling than being free from cords.  If there was ONE thing I was going to add to my “wellness” routine – these airpods would be my splurge. 

No 13

Anthropologie, coiled hair tie set, $12

The best basic, but chic, hair ties that actually work and don’t ruin your hair.  A must for all of us girls with thick hair.  


















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