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/ March 27, 2020

Friday Favorites 3.27.20

Friends, what a few weeks.  I don’t even know where to begin or what to say.   I didn’t know it was possible to have my heart feel so heavy, and yet at the same time filled with so much hope.  Anyone else?   It’s just a mix of a lot.  A lot of emotions, a lot of things happening.  Just a lot.  For all of us.

But as hard as the past few weeks have been for many of us (for all different reasons), I step outside for a walk with my kids and I see paper rainbows and hearts taped up in windows all around us.  I see communities coming together to support each other, friends and families learning to connect in new ways.  And I wanted to capture some of that feeling here.

This week’s Friday Favorites is all about taking care of each other.  Taking care of our families.  And taking care of us.

I’m sharing a few of my favorite small businesses, who right now need our help to keep their doors open.  Many of these businesses are working hard to do GOOD in this world, and create jobs for communities who need it – espeically now. If you’re looking for a small gift for someone or something for your home, please keep them in mind.  

I’m also sharing some of my favorite resources and brands that I’m using to take care of my little people.  Everything from the new educational magazine Lillian is devouring to how they’re creating their own podcasts.

And finally, how I’m taking care of me.  The online resources I’m using to keep me feeling good, what I’m cooking and what I’m loving these days.

My hope is that something in here sparks you to help take care of someone around you.  Whether that’s a local small business that needs it, someone in your family, or even you.  We are in this together.  Let’s take care of each other.  

My favorite small businesses I’m supporting


The Flourish Market

I was first introduced to the Flourish Market when I was in Palm Springs a few weeks ago at met the founder, Em Sexton (who happens to have one of the warmest, infectious smiles.  Ever.  And the biggest heart).  Em founded Flourish market to help do good in the world.  Each of the amazingly cool brands she caries helps support a larger cause.  They carry everything for jewelry to home goods.  I just purchased a super cool sign from them for Frankie’s new room makeover.  

Abby Alley

I know I’ve shared Abby Alley with all of you before.  She is one of my favorite jewelry designers, who is doing amazing things trying to support artisans in vulnerable communities.  Her jewelry and bags are timeless and gorgeous and would make the perfect gift.  Plus she is generously offing 20% all purchases with the code “GRACEINTEHCRUMBS”

Sustainable Home Goods

Sustainable Home Goods is a boutique store in Atlanta that helps create sustainable artisan jobs for vulnerable communities both globally and locally (you can read more about their mission here).  They carry a unique range of gorgeous things for your home.  I’m in love with these stunning vases and these chic baskets (would be so cute in a kid’s nursery)


You guys know I’m a huge fan of Meg and her team.  They helped us pull our vision of a happy, playful, home together and I absolutely loved working with them.  If you’re thinking about doing ANY projects in your home right now, give them a call.  Meg and her team will walk you through all of their amazing services virtually.  They can help pick out paint colors, rugs, to picking out the perfect piece of furniture to make your home feel cozy and happy right now.  And don’t worry – they ship all over the U.S. and are so easy and fun to work with.  I promise you’ll love them.  

House of Shan, “Live What You Love”

I love this lady for so many reasons, but one of the main reasons is her huge heart.  Shannon’s “live what you love” line of clothing is so special and has such a beautiful meaning behind it.  But even more so right now.  She’s now donating $10 from every purchase to “Feed our Frontlines”, an organization that’s helping to feed our brave, hardworking medical professionals – and support local restaurants at the same time.  You can learn more about Feed our Frontlines here.  

Mango + Main

You guys, this shop in Annapolis is so cool.  They have so much great stuff from kids and baby to jewelry, to home.  I‘m obsessed with these baskets. How fun would these be over a great colorful console table or over a little girls’ dresser (ugh, how I want to redo Lillian’s bedroom right now!).  Plus, every purchase helps to support a vulnerable community.  There is nothing better than helping support a business, who is helping OTHERS.   You can read more about their mission here


Favorite resources/products for my kids right now


Bravery Magazine

I love the idea behind Bravery Magazine.  It’s a quarterly subscription magazine, for boys and girls, that features the story of brave women leaders.  It’s STEAM-centered, filled with educational resources, fun DIY ideas and inspirational stories of brave women across races, nationalities, abilities, and religions.  If you have any little people who dream big, this magazine is for them. 

PLUS, right now they just launched “Bravery school” a FREE four-hour home school curriculum (that you receive via e-mail as a PDF on Thursday for the upcoming week) with ideas and activities that correlate with the Bravery magazine.  A great idea of all of us homeschooling parents who are feeling a little overwhelmed right about now. Use code “GRACE10” for 10% off your order.


I was introduced to Bubbsi a few weeks ago when I was in Palm Springs.  It’s a line of coconut oil skincare for little ones.  And you guys, my kids and I are obsessed.  We’ve been using it for a few weeks and their skin has never felt healthier and softer.  With all of the handwashing we’re doing – this lotion is getting A LOT of good use.  

My little guys usually have really dry, irritated skin (almost like eczema), and this lotion has drastically changed their skin.  Plus I’m crazy about the packaging.  It’s a soft squishy food-grade silicone that can be refilled, reused or even repurposed.  I love everything about this brand.  You can get 10% using code “KATY10”


Last week Asher and Lillian asked if they could each create a podcast, and you guys, I had no idea where to even begin.  Thankfully Asher was sort of familiar with the app Anchor.   A day later, they had concepts for two new shows, have written a few scripts and recorded a few shows.  It was such a fun project for them and I can’t wait to see where it goes.  If your kids are creative and love to share stories or ideas, Anchor is an incredibly easy app for them to use and create.


Sometimes half of the work as a parent is just coming up with an idea about WHAT to do with your child (and then praying you have everything you need).  Createjoy is great because it does all the work for you, and is delivered right to your door.  Crafts for all ages and just about everyone in your home.  


Favorite online resources for “me”


Sculpt society app

Megan Roup is one of my favorite trainers.  I took a class of hers in NY a few years ago and was totally hooked.  She is just so positive and energetic and makes working out feel FUN.   The classes on her app are both live and recorded, range in levels and lengths, and cover everything from dance to scopoletin. Right now you can get two-weeks free on the app

Online Yoga Classes

Thankfully there are so many great options to practice yoga at home right now.  Below I’m sharing two of my favorites.  These are both teachers and studios I practice with here in Chicago, but there are so many out there. If there is a home studio or teacher you practice with, check to see if they have online options too.  They could all use our support right now.   

Claire Mark

Claire is one of my favorite yoga teachers here in Chicago.  And I’m so excited that all of YOU can now practice with her too!   She offers a wide range of classes from vinyasa style yoga, to mediation, to yoga with kids.  Something for everyone.  Her classes are available on-demand or you can join her for a live class via Zoom.  I promise you’ll love Claire as much as I do.  You can also find Claire’s classes through Yogaview, which also offers a full range of online classes

Reach Yoga

Reach Yoga is owned by another one of my favorite teachers, Laura Merlo.  Laura’s classes are challenging and fun and keep you moving. She has such great energy, is so positive and plays the best music.  I always leave her classes feeling amazing.  You can follow along with Laura and Reach Yoga here, and find all of their classes on YouTube here!  


And all the other things that I’m loving these days that have no box to fit in…

Family dinners

This recipe for homemade pizza dough

This recipe for no-knead bread

This docuseries on Hillary Clinton

Family show and tell

This recipe for playdough

The new Half Baked Harvest, Super Simple cookbook

5 o’clock family walks

Playing Catan with the kids

Painting Frankie’s room (sharing more next week)

Bubble baths, face masks and lots and lots of bread


None of us know what’s to come in the next few weeks or even the next few months.  But what we do know, and what we do have, is what’s right in front of us, today, right now.  So today choose to support a small business around you who could use the extra love.  Choose to love your people hard.  Choose to go outside for a walk or make paper hearts and put them in your window.  Choose to bake bread, do a little yoga, or zoom with an old friend.  Today more than ever, choose love over fear.

Sending all of you a huge virtual hug today.  We’ve got this.  So grateful for you all, always, but especially now.
















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