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/ May 14, 2021

My favorite podcasts to help shift your mindset

I am a huge believer that what we put in our bodies matters – and that means EVERYTHING we take in. Including what we listen to. Who and what we listen to, and the toughs we fill our minds with matters.

I’ve always been a huge lover of storytelling and learning through other people’s words and experiences, which is why I’m such a huge lover of podcasts.

When I’m driving to the grocery store, folding laundry, or just going for walk, I find myself being transported in these stories and words.

Podcasts are an amazing free resource for all of us, on endless subjects. Today I’m sharing a few of my personal favorite podcasts with you all based around a growth mindset.

These episodes are not just educational and give you real tools and advice, but are deeply moving and inspiring.  These are episodes I find myself laughing and crying to.  Episodes where I’m pulling out a piece of paper to scribble down ideas.  Episodes that I keep coming back to, and I know you will too.

Here are a few of my personal favorite (in no particular order) podcasts to help shift your mindset:

My favorite podcasts to help shift your mindset

We Can Do Hard Things, with Glennon Doyle –

Episode 1. Anxiety: Is it just love holding it’s breath

I’m a huge fan of Glennon Doyle, and this podcast is no different.  It’s like a warm hug.  As someone who lives with anxiety, I so appreciate her perspective and advice.  A beautiful listen for anyone in this human experience.

On Purpose, with Jay Shetty

Episode from March 29th, Ariana Huffington On:  How Setting Small Micro Habits Can Help Combat Burnout and Exhaustion.

On Purpose is one of my favorite podcasts, but I love this episode in particular because micro habits are something I’ve been hyper-focused on this year and I truly believe in their power.  Ariana Huffington is a wealth of knowledge on this episode and shares her expertise on the importance of sleep, burnout, and focusing on SMALL habits that are truly attainable.  (Ps…I love Arriana Huffington).

Episode from April 2nd, 6 Steps to Overcoming the Perfectionist Mindset

I probably could have included every one of Jay Shetty’s episodes on this list, but something in this one really spoke to ME.  I think to some extent we think we’ve all overcome this “perfectionist” mindset, but in reality, it sneaks upon us.  Jay says that any time we have a fixed idea of what an outcome should be – that’s our “perfectionism” coming through.  And encourages us instead to become so curious about the process rather than the outcome.  Something I’m working on now as I’m building my wellness business.  Allowing things to naturally evolve rather than focusing on a set goal.  

Super Soul, with Oprah Winfrey

Episode from April 6h, Whispers

25 minutes packed with inspiration.  Oprah shares from the World’s thought leaders who they’ve learned to listen to their hearts whispers.  A beautiful, beautiful listen.  I’ve listed to this on repeat for weeks and get something new each time.  

Episode from April 13th, Martha Beck:  The Way of Integrity

Trying to live in “integrity” is my goal for this year, so when I stumbled across this episode it felt serendipitously perfect.  I love Marth Beck’s description of “Integrity” and how we must learn to lean into our own inner knowing, despite the pressures from “culture” around us.  An incredible listen for anyone who is trying to live a more authentic, connected life.  

The Ed Mylett Show

Episode from Feb 23rd.  Billion Dollar Authenticity with Jamie Kern Lima.  

Wow, just wow. I am such a huge fan of Jamie Kern Lima (who if you’re not familiar with is the founder of IT cosmetics who sold her cosmetics company for over 1.2 Billion dollars).  She is a force.  But more than anything, she is so authentic in how she built her company to truly help women.  At the core of her company, that was always her mission. She shares openly has she faced body/image shaming in an industry that she works tirelessly to change.  Her story is so inspiring of what it means to be a woman leader.  To lead with female intuition, and not just succeed, but dominate.  For any woman entrepreneur and incredible listen.  

Episode from September 8th, Protect Your Purpose with Jay Shetty

A beautiful conversation between two men I have such respect for on finding your passion, living your authentically find finding happiness and fulfillment.  A podcast I listen to on repeat.  Jay Shetty is a wealth of information on living mindfully and ON PURPOSE.  A must-listen for anyone feeling lost.   

The Goop Podcast

Gwenyth Paltrow X Will Cole:  Intuitive Fasting

I am a huge fan of Gwenyth Paltrow and her quest for knowledge.  To always be learning and striving.  Her podcast gets amazing guess, and Will Cole has been one of my favorites.  I am a big believer in intuitive eating, so this episode was right up my alley.  Learning to tune into your body.  A great listen for anyone who is curious about being more in touch with their body and what it needs

The Skinny Confidential, Him & Her Show

Lauren’s podcast was the very first podcast I ever listened to. Heads up, she can be a little forward and over the top, but to be honest, that’s what I love about her.  She’s always asking the questions I want to know.  

Episode from November 17th, Glennon Doyle on How to Take Hold Of Your Life By Becoming Braver

This episode with Glennon Doyle is just beautiful.  I am such a huge fan of them both.  Glennon, as always, shares such beautiful insight on what it means to live a bold authentic life.  


My favorite podcasts to help shift your mindset

And this is JUST the beginning. I feel like I’m just getting started listing these out. There are probably 30 more amazing episodes I could share with you.  

But I’m curious….are you into podcasts?  And if so, share a few of your favorites with us….



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