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/ November 17, 2021

Saying good bye to “Grace In The Crumbs”

A little over four years ago, I launched Grace in the Crumbs

At the time, that’s who I identified myself as.  A stay-at-home-mom, struggling to find her identity, while taking care of four itty bitty littles, constantly wiping crumbs off the floor while holding back tears, and looking for grace anywhere she could.

That girl, Grace in the Crumbs, is who I was. 

Who I saw myself as,

and who I came to share with all of you.

The more I shared, the more “G in the C” became home for me.  A safe space for me to share my love of food, mothering, and all things life.  It was a creative outlet for me, a passion project.  I taught myself how to take photos, edit in lightroom, and use WordPress.  Every day when I’d lay Sloan or Frankie down for a nap, or after the kids went to bed, I’d pull out my computer and play around with this site, and new ideas for the blog.  

It was light. and easy. and fun. And it fueled me.  

But somewhere along the line of sharing photos of food and little baby feet, this little corner of the web grew.  And so did I.  

While I LOVE “Grace in the Crumbs” for all it has given me, and the version of me I was when I started this four years ago…

it’s time to let her go.  

Because that’s no longer me.  

And if I’m being honest, I haven’t been that girl for a while.  The past few years have changed a lot of things for me (for all of us) and because of that, I feel as though I’m stepping into a new version of myself.  

This blog, and this name change, is my final frontier.  The one thing I’ve been putting off because in many ways this blog, “Grace in the Crumbs” is who I still saw myself as.  This unsure, young mama with four little babies at home, just trying to make it through the day.  But in fact, that’s not who I am anymore. 

It’s time for this change, and it feels really darn GOOD.

So let me be the first to welcome you to Katy Rexing.

A place to gather. 

A place to feel at home and at ease,

and a place to equally feel inspired.

A place where I will show up for you unapologetically, confidently, and transparently, exactly as I am, in hopes that I can inspire you to do the same.

When I think about what’s next for this space, what I want it to represent, I’m not 100% sure.  

While I’m a little uncertain of what this will physically turn into, I know how I want it to feel.  Warm.  Inviting.  Authentic.  Hopeful. 

My hope, like everything else with this space, is that it evolves and grows as we do as a community.  So while I have a vision, I’m also keeping it a little open and have faith that it will become what it needs to.

In my heart right now, I see this as a space for us to gather as a community, both in-person and here online, to share our journey.  I see this as a place for conscious conversation about things we don’t often have the opportunity to talk about.  

I see this as a place for me to continue to share my journey, whether that’s my sobriety, my journey in motherhood, or even just my own personal self-discovery.

I also see this as a place to have a little fun.  To share parts of our home, my food, and my family.   Just bringing you all along for this next chapter of my life.  Where I’m no longer that unsure mom wiping crumbs off the floor, but instead a confident woman who is standing tall and in her worth and inviting you all to do the same.

Right now, as I write this, we already have a lot of things in the works that I’m so excited about. A brand new website launching this spring (fingers crossed) that will be more user-friendly, will house a lot of new content, meditations, resources, information on retreats, events, and programs.  We also have some meaningful in-person events planned for the first part of the year (that I’m giddy with excitement over), more Reset & Restore programs, and hopefully more retreats. 

My heart is so excited about what’s possible for this space.

But before I move into this next chapter I want to take one last moment to just soak this in.  I’m one who is usually so quick to jump to “what’s next” that I overlook how far I’ve come.  

So I just want to take a moment, here with all of you, to thank that girl four years ago who took a leap of faith and learned WordPress, who randomly picked the name “grace in the crumbs”, who didn’t take herself so seriously and gave herself permission to play, explore, have fun and grow.  Gosh was it fun.  

And while in many ways I feel like a different woman from that girl four years ago, I’m taking so much of YOU, with me now.  

Thanks for having my back all those years, and helping me see what’s possible.  You did great, kid.  And I’m so damn proud of you.  

Here’s to the next chapter…..


A few of my favorite photos from “Grace in the Crumbs” blog posts over the years…

(my original notes from when I was brainstorming about Grace in the Crumbs)

(the day I launched G in the C and Lill made me this necklace to celebrate)












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