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/ February 7, 2020

Friday Favorites 2 07 20

JPs flying home late tonight after a long week away, and while I’d love to have a wild Friday or Saturday night out with him to celebrate or let loose, all I really want to do is take a hot bath, cuddle up in some cozy jammies, put a hair mask in and read a good book…. or even better, binge-watch a great documentary on Netflix (why are there so many good documentaries on Netflix these days – I’m addicted).

The older I get, the more focused I am on self care.  On truly taking time to slow down and take care of me.  

While I love a night out with friends or with JP, what I really live for….is a good night in, alone, with a little TLC.

So I thought it would be fun to dedicate this week’s Friday Favorites to all of my favorite TLC goodies.  All the ways I like to take care of me and show myself a little self-love.  With Valentine’s Day being a week away, there is no better time to focus on LOVE, and none more important than the love we show ourselves.

I hope a few things in here help inspire you to give yourself a little TLC too – and to remember to first and foremost – LOVE YOU!

No 1

Herbivore, Self love facial ritual kit, $48

I love Herbivore Botanicals, but I especially love this kit. It comes with so many of my favorite Herbivore products, including the emerald facial oil that I love and the rose quartz gua sha tool that I use every night.  Plus it’s an amazing value for so many of their best products.  The perfect kit to introduce you to Herbivore and the perfect set for a spa night in!

No 2

Splendid, Notch collar pajama set, $78

I love Splendid pajamas and have been wearing them for years.  This set is seriously so soft and cozy, but still thin enough and breathable that you don’t feel like you’re sweating in the middle of the night.  the pants are long enough for my tall ladies and the shirt is roomy and cozy.  The perfect set of jammies – and the color is just so cute and fun.

No 3

Anthropologie, Calm the chaos journal, $14.95

I start every morning with a short gratitude practice, and it has made such a difference for me.  I truly feel like I start the day more grounded and focused on the good.  You can use any journal for a gratitude practice, but I like ones with prompts like this.  This “calm the chaos” journal is a great way to help organize your thoughts, set an intention for the day and just help you focus on what matters most.  

No 4

Slip, Silk pillowcase, $85

I switched over to a silk pillowcase a few months ago and I absolutely love it. I do feel like it makes a difference in how my skin and hair feels in the morning.  Plus I just honestly love the cold smooth feel as I lay my head down.  It’s a small little change but it makes such a huge difference as I crawl into bed every night.  

No 5

Olive & June, Beauty tea duo, $38

Over the years I’ve become a pretty big tea drinker.  I love it in the afternoons or evenings as a little pick-me-up or treat, and I’m always looking for new delicious flavors.  Which is why I’m so happy I came across this gorgeous tea set from Olive & June.  I love the packaging and their unique flavors, “rosy matcha” and “minty lavender”.  These would make a gorgeous Valentine’s day gift too.  

No 6

The Goop Lab, Netflix series

I am a huge documentary junkie.  Especially ones around health and wellness. This series is so fascinating, fun, and educational. If you’ve ever been curious about some alternative wellness methods, like cold therapy, energy healing, and psychics.  

No. 7

Musee, Bath soak, $22

I take an Epsom salt bath almost every night.  It’s my way of winding down the day and relaxing.  So I go through a LOT of bath salts and I’m always on the hunt for new ones.  I love this set from Musee.  They smell amazing, help detoxify your body, soothe ache muscles and just overall help you relax and have a more restful sleep.

No. 8

Equilibria, flavored daily drops, set of three $85

The perfect way to help wind down the day…

I’ve been taking Equilibira CBD oil daily for over six months and love how it makes me feel.  I take a 10mg gelcap every morning, and it helps keep me feeling balanced and focused.  But lately, I’ve been adding in a dropper full of their liquid CBD oil in the late afternoon as well.  It’s just a little extra “boost” late in the day when I’m feeling overwhelmed or stressed.  I can feel the effects almost immediately.  It just helps keep me patient with my kids, calm and gets me through the hardest part our day feeling my best.  

They recently launched a new line of flavored oils that I’m so excited about – “Me Time Mint”, “You Do Yuzu”, and “Have It All Honey”.  The same great efficacy and quality that I’ve come to expect with Equilibria, but now with just a new great taste.

If you’ve ever thought about introducing CBD oil into your routine, the women at Equilibria are amazing at helping you find the right dosage, and usage, that’s best for your body.  Grace in the Crumbs readers can get 20% all Equilibira products using code “GraceInTheCrumbs”

No 9

Prose, Hair mask, $38

I love getting into the bath with this hair mask in and giving my scalp a little TLC  – because let’s be honest, this blonde hair is not natural my friends – and it is hurting.  My hair is very overprocessed these days, so I’m making sure to give it a little extra TLC. I love the entire Prose line, but especially this mask to keep my locks looking their best.  

No 10

You Are The One, paperback, $6,99

I have, what feels like, a towering rotation of books on my nightstand.  Everything from old cookbooks to journals to book on meditation and spirituality.  I am a huge non-fiction reader and try to read a little bit every night before bed.  But out of all of my books, there are a few of my favorites.   I love, You. Are. The. One. by Kute Blackson, The Book of Awakening, by Mark Nepo (that is probably my all-time favorite book. I’ve had it for almost a decade.  The pages are all folded and marked and highlighted, but I still get so much out of it every time I pick it up.).  And of course anything by Brene Brown.  
























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