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Welcome to Katy Rexing


We all want, and deserve, to live a life with ease and joy. To feel well and good, physically and mentally. And yet, most of us aren’t.

Instead we’re running around tired, overwhelmed & unwell. Looking everywhere outside of us for the answer, or “quick fix”. Not knowing that what we’re searching for is already within. We’ve become so disconnected from our own voice, our own knowing that we can’t hear it, let alone follow it.

This space is designed not to help you become someone different or better, but instead give you the freedom to SIMPLY BE, who you have always been called to be. You are meant to live with ease, lightness and JOY. It is your birthright. And it begins NOW.

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katy rexing

Hey there

I’m Katy…

And I’ve been in your shoes.  In many ways, still am.

I spent the first few decades of my life searching.  Struggling. Trying to become someone, something, other than me.

From the outside I had it all put together, but on in the inside, I was lost.  Always rushing.  Always searching.  Happy on the outside, but on the inside living with a current of uneasiness.  Unsettledness.  Day in and day out.  Never really knowing why.

This search lead me to begin my own personal journey of healing.  And what I’m here sharing with all of you now.  The stories here, the practices, the recipes, the community is a manifestation of my own personal journey.  To live well.  To live with intention.  And most importantly, to live free.

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Work With Me

Katy Rexing Wellness is not a diet, a quick fix program, or a step by step guide. Rather a way of life. One lead by you.

Katy Rexing Wellness gives you the power and permission you need to quiet the noise around you, and make choices in your life that feel aligned for YOU.

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